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Learn how to develop your talent, get the proper training and become a dancer.
Ballet dance
Ballet music
 Ballet dance
Uses difficult techniques that require concentration and coordination to match musical rhythm.
 Ballet music
Music has much notoriety as the dance itself, because it has incorporated new styles of music.
Famous ballet dancers
Ballet history
 Famous dancers
Throughout history, famous dancers contributed for the development of Ballet like Anna Pavlova and Erik Bruhn.
 Ballet history
Ballet is not only a dance but it is considered a highly technical discipline that has keep alive the ballet passion.


Information about dancewear including shoes, leotards, tutus, tights, bags, and many other accessories.
Pointe shoes
Ballet costumes
 Pointe shoes
Pointe shoes or slippers are special shoes to support and balance entire weight of ballet dancers.
Costumes are necessary requirements to improve the stylish and graceful shape of professional dancers.
Ballet leotards flexible and comfortable to perform difficult stretching exercises and hard movements.
The tutus are beautiful costumes to enhance the beauty of dancers while they execute on the stage.

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