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Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma

The school division of Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma was established in 1987. This private school offers professional training in ballet with an emphasis on individual strengths and the joy of movement and performance. Live accompaniment for each class helps students learn to appreciate music and to dance with musicality. A caring and nurturing environment helps build self-esteem and a life long love for the arts.

LOWER DIVISION, Creative Movement through Level III
The Lower Division consists of classes specially designed for younger dancers with little or no experience. The primary goal of these classes is to introduce students to the joy of movement and the expression of self and emotions through dance. Young dancers also learn the value of fitness that will carry through their entire lives.

INTERMEDIATE DIVISION, Levels IV and V, Adult Ballet
The Intermediate Division is designed for students who are ready to embark on the study of ballet. Dancers participate in traditional ballet classes based on the Chechetti method with other traditional forms of training intertwined. Though students are taking on a more serious study of ballet, they also begin to recognize the unique beauty of the art and the knowledge that they are a part of this art form.

UPPER DIVISION, Level VI and Company
This division is for dancers who desire to be serious students of this timeless art. Pointe work (or demi Pointe) is added to the curriculum and dancers develop and enhance both their technique and performance style. At this level dancers are also introduced to other forms of dance and benefit from guest instructors and choreographers from world-renowned companies and Master teachers and dancers. The joy and prestige of being an advanced dancer is a very special and rewarding experience.

School name:Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma
Address:1/2 South Tacoma Way.
Zip & city:98409 Washington

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Metropolitan Ballet of Tacoma Ballet School Location

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