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Pasadena Civic Ballet

A Pre-Professional Dance Company Formed in 1980, the Pasadena Civic Ballet Company (PCB) is a not-for-profit organization of pre-professional and professional dancers from ages 10 and up. These are serious, talented ballet students who are accepted by audition or judgment of the director. Referred to as the "Company", the PCB has four divisions: Junior, Teen, Senior, and Chamber Ensemble.

The Junior and Teen divisions are for dancers ages 10-15. The members must have a minimum of three classes and one rehearsal per week. The Senior division is for dancers ages 13 and above, and requires at least four technique classes each week; at least three ballet (including Pointe) and one in character, jazz, hip hop or tap. Seniors also have at least one rehearsal per week. The Chamber Ensemble is for selected Senior dancers and older graduates or professional dancers that perform together with the Company and for special engagements.

Company members have the opportunity of performing in major productions before large audiences. The Company's original presentations have included "A Christmas Carol", "Hansel and Gretel," and "Cinderella" as well as numerous other presentations. These performances provide a wonderful showcase for all of the dancers, with ensemble and solo opportunities. Dancers also perform in our annual "Solo Fete" and the PCB Center Showcases, as well as invitational events, charity groups, in-studio concerts, and guest appearances.

The purpose of the Pasadena Civic Ballet is threefold:

1. To provide quality instruction in the art and technique of dance, with an emphasis on ballet as the foundation for discipline and vocabulary.

2. To create performance opportunities to allow the dancers to grow as artists as well as develop self confidence, poise and presentation skills.

3. To provide a nurturing, supportive environment that emphasizes dance as an avenue to growth as an individual and as an artist through dedication, discipline, creativity, and camaraderie.

The aim of PCB is to enrich the lives of its members. It approaches this in several ways. The quality of the dance experience is directly related to the quality of the teachers--in teaching skills, experience, genuine interest in and ability to communicate with each dancer. PCB actively seeks out individuals with these characteristics to inspire the students and instill the discipline necessary to pursue this art form.

Our students will be prepared technically and artistically to continue their involvement in dance at a professional level if that is their goal. For those who choose a related field, or a recreational interest, their PCB training will give them an excellent foundation. Ballet serves as our base of instruction because of its sound principles of correct alignment and wide vocabulary of movement, as well as its beauty and power.

The fundamentals of movement taught in ballet technique can be applied to all forms of dance. It demands focus and concentrated effort, and provides a sound basis for learning all movement disciplines, including sports. It also promotes health and physical fitness.

Performances are an avenue for demonstrating skill and artistic expression. They are intended to be an opportunity for the dancer to grow and mature, and to develop the self confidence and performance skills that will be of lifelong value to them in whatever they do. Dance is also a means for growth. Studying dance should help develop active individuals that are as self confident and poised in life as they are on stage. The discipline and tenacity developed in class can be applied to other endeavors. The friendships made and support received in the dance environment will be a positive influence on their development as dancers and as individuals.

We believe that dance is an art, and as such should combine technique, creativity, skill and a desire for excellence. We hope to instill a love of dance as an art, and as an avenue for self expression and personal growth.

School name:Pasadena Civic Ballet
Address:253 North Vinedo Avenue.
Zip & city:91107 California

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Pasadena Civic Ballet Ballet School Location

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