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Cinderella is a variation of the popular tale where a poor girl became rich. The ballet begins with Cinderella who is scrubbing the floor dreaming about happier times on which her mother was alive. Then she prepares breakfast for her annoying step-sisters, and after that a beggar old woman appears on the window asking for food. Cinderella's stepmother had prohibited her to give any food but Cinderella decides to give the old woman her own food. As a result, Cinderella is left with nothing to eat.

Next, an invitation from the King arrives, and Cinderella gets excited but she realizes that the invitation was only sent to her stepsisters. The stepmother decides to take the stepsisters to shop, and Cinderella has to stay at home. Two funny mice show up and try to cheer up Cinderella by making a dress with old rags. While she was putting on the dress, the old beggar woman appears and transforms herself into the fairy godmother. She tells Cinderella that she was going to the ball anyway but she must return before midnight because something bad would happen if she does not do so. Then she proceeds to transform the dress that Cinderella was wearing to a beautiful, princess-like dress, the mice into horses, a pumpkin into a carriage and provided her with crystal slippers as a additional gift.

The prince wanted to fall in love with somebody, and he organizes the ball exactly for that reason. By the time that Cinderella arrives to the ball, no one recognizes her. Everyone, especially the prince, gets impressed because of her beauty.

The Prince is mesmerized by Cinderella's beauty, and he invites her to dance. There are several desperate attempts from the stepsisters to call the attention of the prince, but the only sound that the Prince and Cinderella could hear was the beat of their hearts. Cinderella has such a nice time that she losses track of time and when the clock starts to chime, she runs away and loses one of the crystal slippers.

The next day the Prince starts to look for the woman whose foot fit into the slipper and states that he is going to get married with the owner of the foot. He visits every house in the town and finally gets into Cinderella's house. The stepsisters try hard to make their foot fit into the slipper but they couldn't because their foot was big. The stepmother also tries the slipper but she couldn't fit into it either. Finally the prince finds Cinderella and a grand wedding takes place at the palace. The Prince and Cinderella live happily ever after.