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Coppélia is considered as one of the most amazing and important ballet masterpieces that were originally choreographed by Arthur Saint-Léon (1821-1870), a famous choreographer who was the Maître de Ballet of St. Petersburg Imperial Ballet. Coppélia was based on a story by the famous composer, tenor and writer ETA Hoffmann, who also wrote The Nutcracker, entitled "Der Sandmann" published in 1815. Coppélia was first performed on 25 may, 1870 in the Opera of Paris with Giuseppina Bozzachi in the title role.

Coppélia is divided into two acts. The history takes place in a border town that has the influence of various cultures in which lives the Doctor Coppélius, an eccentric toymaker who creates a beautiful doll called Coppélia. In the morning, Coppélia is sitting on her balcony all day and appears to be reading a book; the doll is so pretty that everyone who sees her believes the doll to be a living person. Franz, a young man, sees her and immediately falls deeply in love with her, even though he is already engaged with Swanhilda.

Swanhilda discovers that Coppélia is only a doll that belongs to Doctor Coppelius; so, she decides to dress Coppélia's clothes and impersonate her, in order to win the love of Franz, but after she thinks that it was not a good idea and she decides to escape from the Coppelius house, Coppélius does not known that the doll is actually Swanhilda and he asks her why she is behaving so wretchedly. She decides to reveal her true identity and she shows him the true Copellia doll hidden in a closet.

Coppélia is an interesting history that is really worth appreciating. Nowadays, almost all the world's most famous ballet dancers perform Coppélia among its main shows.