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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

As in the book, the ballet begins with the feuding between two families, the Capulets and the Montagues.

Romeo and Juliet meet each other as an accident while Romeo Montagues (with a disguise) crashes a party at Capulets house. He falls instantly in love with the beautiful Juliet Capulet and they secretly proclaim its eternal love for each other on the balcony.

The couple gets married secretly by the Friar Laurence with the purpose of finishing the feud between the two families but they didn't stop it. Tybalt, the cousin of Juliet kills Mercutio (a friend of Romeo) and as a consequence, Romeo kills Tybalt in revenge, and he is send into exile.

Juliet asks for help to Friar Laurence and he offers an idea that consists of giving Juliet a sleeping potion that will help her to look as if she was dead. The family would bury Juliet and when Romeo returns, friar Laurence would tell him the truth. Romeo would rescue Juliet from the tomb to escape together and live happily ever after.

However, this is not how it happens. When Friar Laurence begins his plan and Juliet drinks the potion, the next morning the family of Juliet thinks that she is dead and buries her body.

The news run fast and Romeo finds out what happened and he returns to see his beloved one. He never receives any notifications about what really happened, and he gets sad and desperate. He drinks a poison next to the body of Juliet.

Juliet wakes up and finds Romeo next to her. She couldn't take more suffering and grabs Romeo's knife and stabs herself.