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Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty was the second most popular ballet of Tchaikovsky and his first successful ballet. The production of the ballet was considered by some critics as lavish but three years after, it gained more popularity.

The ballet begins with Princess Aurora being christened and Carbosse (the villain) was curses her so that she will die when she turn 18 for not having been invited to Aurora's celebration.

Fairy Lilac realizes that Aurora was cursed and helps her; she couldn't eliminate the whole curse but instead of dying, Aurora will sleep for hundred years and the only way that she can wake up is with a kiss of a handsome Prince.

During Aurora's 16th party, Carbosse (Disguised) presents Aurora a nice spindle. Once Aurora touches the spindle and pricks her finger with it, the entire court falls asleep.

After many years, fairly Lilac has a vision on which Prince Desire appears hunting. Prince Desire is led to the castle where all the court is sleeping. The Prince fights Carbosse and wins. Then all the people wake up and Prince Desire and Aurora get married.