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Swam Lake

Swam Lake

Throughout the history of ballet, there has been a large number of master pieces written by many renowned composers from all over the world.

Swan Lake considered by many to be one of the greatest classical ballets of all time; it was composed by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, one of the most famous Russian composers of the Romantic Era, in 1875. Due to its great beauty, The Swam Lake has greatly contributed with the spread of ballet in the entire world.

No one is sure about the origins of the Swan Lake; there are many versions about its origins. The libretto is, albeit not completely, based on a history that is written by the famous German writer Johann Karl August Musäus. Another history that could have influenced it is the Malvasia; it is a history that holds many similarities with the Swam Lake, but it was written much earlier.

Swan Lake is generally presented in three Acts, four Scenes in Russia and in four acts, four scenes outside Russia. The history is about the Princes Odette and the prince Siegfried who, while hunting, sees a beautiful swan in a lake, as he takes aim to shoot, the beautiful swan turns into a beautiful woman. She tells him that she is under a sorcerer's spell and during the day she must be a swan and swim in a lake of tears.

The spell can only be broken if a virgin prince swears eternal fidelity to her. This is only the beginning of an interesting history that one cannot fail to see.

Swan Lake, a magic story where the virtues of love and forgiveness conquer evil, has become in almost a symbol not only in Russian, but also in the entire world. Although there are many interpretations of this work around the world, Moscow and St. Petersburg are undoubtedly two of best places to watch Swan Lake.