Arthur Murray

Arthur Murray

Arthur Murray was a famous dancer instructor and a business man; in fact, nowadays you'll see different dance studios with his name in different parts of the world, throughout North and South America, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, which are recognized, like the Arthur Murray International Inc., as prominent entertainment companies. Arthur Murray was a great dancer that started selling dance lessons by mail, then drawing and selling footprints, in time he became into a famous dancer and over 3560 dance studios used his name in 2007.

Arthur Murray name means tradition and the history of a franchised dance Studio of over 100 years till now. According to history, he was the first to realize the huge popularity that reached Latin Dances in America in the 50's, for which purpose, he got some spaces on television to teach to dance that passed from a small spot of 15 minutes to a program on ABC, called Arthur Murray Dance Party.

When Arthur Murray died, a big company that bought the dance studio, and gives it a new and fresh spirit and it's nowadays the largest dance studio organization worldwide, in which one can learn: Cha Cha, Disco/ The Hustle, and other dances; that help students to have fun and enjoy the social life, meet new people and maybe make some friends, improve their health, overcome shyness and relieve stress.

Arthur Murray International Inc. offers different programs for studying, such as: Basic Introductory program, Full Bronze program to develop timing and techniques in social dances; silver program and Gold Program. And there's even a program for kids, in which they'll exercise,

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