Boston ballet

Boston ballet

Boston Ballet is one of the most famous Ballet companies worldwide;since its foundation in 1963 by E. Virginia Williams this company has developed a unique and well-structured organization that under the leadership of all its Artistic Directors such as: Bruce Marks, and Anna Marie Holmes has become the major ballet companies in North America and among the top companies in the world; due to its incredible repertoire of works that range from classical to contemporary.

Nowadays the Artistic Director is Mikko Nissinen, a Finnish ballet dancer and since 2002 he aims for fulfill the mission of the ballet company, of bringing new levels of excellence to ballet and making of ballet and activity accessible. By teaching ballet technique, developing a new generation of artists and expanding the relevance of ballet to society with works committed to the diverse audience.

Nowadays, the Boston Ballet is under the director Mikko Nissinen as Artistic Director, the Executive Director is Barry Hughson; and its administration has several departments such as: Development, Marketing, Finances, Music, Production, human Resources, information Technology, The Ballet School, Education Initiatives, and the company dancers, with principal dancers, soloists, and the corps de ballet.

Boston Ballet School is an associated program that promotes excellence and access to dance education. it's the largest dance school of its kind in North America. The School was founded by the founder of Boston Ballet Company, Virginia Williams, in 1953; in order to establish the highest education of ballet in the region.

The Boston Opera House
539 Washington St.
Boston, MA 02111

If you're interested in enrolling to Boston Ballet School, you can do it from the website for Boston Ballet School, and see further information.