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Ballet dance

Ballet dance

Ballet is a performance dance that did not only evolved from a mere entertainment show from the 16th century to a dance of performance, it went from a show fit for the courts of Europe to enamor the masses of the new continent and shape the basic techniques used in modern dances.

According to the epoch, country or intellectual movement, this form of dance developed several styles. Following each flair, it can include or leave out not only the dance itself but mimic, theater, musical orchestras and settings.

Ballet is considered one of the performing arts and the music created for the specific enactment of such receives the same name as well.

The technique used for this form of dance is as impressive as it is difficult. It requires a great concentration from the performers and a complete control over the body as well as muscular flexibility and coordination to match the musical rhythm.

For Classical Ballet the strictest of its styles, training is required from young age that finishes along the culmination of high school to make the movements and technical steps more natural and fluid. A musical education is recommended as well, focusing on the solfeggio to have a more complete understanding of the tempos and beats with which their movements must keep up.