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Alicia Alonso

Alicia Alonso

Alicia Alonso is respectable ballet dancer that conquered the entire world with her outstanding movements and delicacy roles on the stage. Nowadays, she is considered as Ballerina Assoluta and was chosen as the Director of the big National Ballet of Cuba. Without a doubt, she is one of the most representative and exceptional figures of the ballet dance in the Iberian-American area. Alicia Alonso was born on December 21st, 1920 in the warm city of the Havana Cuba.

She started her professional career at the Musical Pro-Art society Ballet school in 1931. But a few years later, she traveled to the United States to seek out other opportunities in her career as a professional ballet dancer. Once in the United States, she began studying with important people such as Alexandra Fedorova, Enrico Zanfreta and many international teachers at the American Ballet School.

However, her career did important steps to the glory in 1938 when she debuted in the musical called "Great Lady" and "Stars in Your Eyes". In 1939, she could enter the prestigious American Ballet Caravan and in 1940 she was invited to be an honorable member of the Theatre Ballet of New York.

Nevertheless, in the year of 1948, she reached one of her most cherished dreams; she founded the Ballet school Alicia Alonso in the Havana. Since then, her schedule was pretty busy because she was supporting her own company, working with the American Ballet theatre and the Russian Ballets.

She participated as a main performer in several world premier presentations. As an example, we can mention Fall River Legend, Undertow and Theme just to mention a few. During her artistic life, she received a large number of awards and recognitions like the Doctor Honoris Causa degree of the Havana University, a Gold Medal of the circle of Fine Arts in Spain, the Prize Benois of the dance. Moreover, she was recognized as Ambassador of Good Will of the UNESCO in Paris.