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Anna Pavlova

Anna Pavlova

Anna Pavlova was a great dancer of the most excellent classical ballet in the history and one of the most representatives in the prestigious Imperial Russian Ballet. In fact, she always will be remembered for her famous role in the Dying Swan. She was born in the big and hectic city of St. Petersburg in Russia in January 31st, 1881.

There is not concrete information about his parentage, but she was the daughter of a Jewish businessman and her mother was a laundrywoman. During a presentation of the famous play "The Sleeping Beauty", she fell in love with dance and she had the certain desire to become a ballet dancer and be part of the famous and competitive Imperial Ballet School.

At the age of ten, Anna Pavlova entered into the ballet schools and began to work hard to be the number one. In 1899, she performed for the first time at the Maryinsky Theatre.

Consequently, in 1907 she traveled around the entire country thanks to her first tour. But in 1910, she performed at the imposing Metropolitan Opera House in the United States. In 1914, when she was traveling to Germany on her first trip to United Kingdom, the Second World War appeared and Germany declared the war to Russia.

London was her second home, and it opened its doors to receive Ana Pavlova. Once established in England, she continued doing tours with her own ballet company around the world.

She lived in the cosmopolitan city of London with her adorable pets. There were rumors that Victor D'Andre who was her manager, was also her husband and lover, but nobody has been able to confirm that.

Although other important ballet dancers like Isadora Duncan had innovated the general methods about performing ballet, Anna always kept her classical style. In fact, she always was characterized for her frailness, lightness, daintiness and wittiness. She died in the Netherlands in the year of 1931.