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Beryl Grey

Beryl Grey

Arnold Haskell, an important British dance critic, once said: "Beryl Grey is a magnificent ballet dancer and her role in the Sleeping Beauty is one of the most amazing displays of pure elegant and spectacular movements I have seen ever." These words were not in vain. Few years later, she demonstrated her powerful talent on the stage.

Beryl Elizabeth Grey is an English retired Ballerina. She was born in the city of London (Highgate town) on June 11th of 1927. She attended some ballet classes when she was 4 years old. At age of 8, she was taking another important ballet lessons from Phyllis Bedells.

Those lessons helped her a lot because later she became the new star pupil of her educational institution. She was really talented at her short age and her talent was noticed by many important dance teachers such as Ninette de Valois and Ursula Moreton.

That is why she won a scholarship when she was eleven years old. Thanks to this scholarship she could enter to the competitive but exciting dance world. In 1937, she attended the most prestigious Sadler's Wells School. In 1942, when she was fourteen years old, Beryl Grey got the principal role of Odette in the splendid Swan Queen.

This fact is quite admirable because she was the first girl who took such an important role at this age. Even though the main role of Odette was quite difficult and complicated that required professional proficiency, high practice movements, precise coordination and physical resistance, she took the challenge.

At the age of sixteen she was a prodigy in the field of dance but especially in Gissele where she showed exceptional acting capability to perform theatrical roles. In fact, her performance in Les Sylphides was described as a magical dream of softness and warmth.

Between 1957 and 1960, Beryl Grey reached a high status as being an important ballet dancer around the entire world. Her fame was announced in many different countries such as Australia, United States, Europe, Canada and South America. In addition, she was also famous for being the first British girl who danced in the prestigious Bolshoi Ballet.