Margot Fonteyn

Margot Fonteyn

Margot Fonteyn was born in the city of Reigate in England on May 18th, 1919. Margot is considered as an important person in England thanks to her magnificent performances on the stage and she was eulogized and admired by international critics. Consequently, the British ballet was put on the artistic map.

That is why that she was a vital and crucial piece in the England Royal Ballet. The real name of this outstanding ballet dancer is Margaret Hookham. Her father was from the United Kingdom and her mother was from Brazil.

Margot Fonteyn only had one brother called Felix. She spent almost a big part of her childhood in the suburbs. Then she traveled to Shanghai because her father got a job as a chief engineer in China.

In China, Margot took some ballet lessons and when she was fourteen years old, she and her mother came back to London again. Once in Europe, Margot attended other ballet classes with the prestigious teacher Serafina Astafieva and few years later, she was accepted into the Sadler's Wells Ballet School.

Some of her most famous roles include: Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, the Swan Lake, Giselle, The Haunted Ballroom, just to mention a few. However, the most amazing representations in her career are the several performances that she did as a heroine. In fact, Margot Fonteyn loved performing as a heroine.

In addition, she collaborated with the acclaimed choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton. The Second World War was not a barrier to continue performing ballet; on the contrary, she had a full and busy schedule.

Rudolf Nureyev was her principal motivation on the stage. They both together formed the dynamic team thanks to their spirit and dance techniques. In 1955 she got married in France with Robert E. Arias and in 1956 she was awarded with the prestige title of Dame of the Order of the British Empire. She died at the age of 72 years old on February, 1991.