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Marie Camargo

Marie Camargo

Also known as "La Gorda de Camargo" Marie Anne de Cupis Camargo was born in the city of Brussels (Paris) on April 15th, 1710. Without a doubt, she was an excellent ballet dancer and one of the first women that introduced some important innovations in the field. For example, people usually used high heels to dance ballet, but she changed these uncomfortable shoes for slippers.

In addition, she was the first female dancer that executed the difficult entrechat quatre that consisted in a long jump where the performer crosses the legs several times in the air. Marie Camargo improved this complicated jump with style and dexterity in 1930.

Her father, Ferdinand Joseph de Cupis, was a professional dancer and violinist at the same time. When she was ten years old, she took some important lessons with the prestigious Mlle Francoise Prevost.

In 1726 she made her first debut in the magic city of Paris in the captivating story called "Les Caracteres de la danse". Her role in this artistic piece was brilliant and many critics supported her career as a ballet dancer at that time.

She was so popular and very influential at that time, and the majority of people considered her as a trendy example in the city especially at the court. That is why that many girls tried to copy her hair style, clothes and shoes.

In the year of 1734, Marie left the stages to dedicate her life and love to Louis de Bourbon Count of Clermont. She officially was the mistress, because they never were in an official engagement. Nevertheless, in 1741 she returned to perform on the stage after ten years.

Since then she participated in more than 75 ballets and operas. She definitely retired from dancing in the year of 1751 and died in 1770.