Marie Taglioni

Marie Taglioni

Marie Taglioni was a little star in the middle of biggest stars. She actually had the talent that was running through her blood. Her father, the legendary Fillipo Taglioni, was a famous Italian choreographer who had a notable participation in many important events at the time.

She was born on April 23rd in Stockholm, in the year of 1804. However, plenty of people think that she was born in Italy. Marie Taglioni is considered as the most important European ballet dancer due to her perfect mixture of delicacy and strength while she was on stage.

Her career as a Ballet dancer took off and reached the unthinkable success in 1832, when she performed an outstanding and great role in la Sylphide. Her father was the responsible of the choreography and the ballet presentation. Her childhood was not good because she didn't have a graceful appearance. Nevertheless, this problem seemed not to be too important in the life of this ballet dancer.

At the age of 17, she traveled to Russia and spent almost all of her mature years in this cold country. She began to perform some roles in St. Petersburg and she fascinated the most exquisite Russian audience and became the favorite for attending the prestigious and quite competitive Kirov Ballet.

Marie Taglioni is considered as the pioneer to develop one of the most magnificent and amazing variations in ballet. We are talking about, the Romantic Ballet which was initially cultivated in important countries such as England (at the famous Her Majesty's Theatre) and Paris (at the prestige Théâtre de l'Académie Royale de Musique.)

She received the Ca'd'Oro from the Ballet Paris Opera due to her professional and successful career. In 1847 she decided to leave the stage and died on April 24th in the years of 1884 in the city of Marsella.