Svetlana Lunkina

Svetlana Lunkina

Moscow is considered as the factory of amazing and excellent professional ballet dancers around the world. Svetlana Lunkina is a big example of that. She is another proficient, talented, spectacular and great ballet dancer who was born in the big city of Moscow in 1979.

She studied in the prestigious Choreographic Academy and finished her career in 1997. In this same year, she joined the competitive and famous Company of Ballet Bolshoi.

In her first presentation on the stage called Giselle by Vladimir Vasiliev, she got the principal role due for her dexterity, elegance, style and fine movements. In 2001 she again performed the main role in Giselle. Svetlana had a mentor in his artistic life, her name is Ekaterina Maximova. Svetlana Lunkina was nominated for a Golden Mask thanks to her magnificent performance in Giselle.

On May 23rd, she performed her second most important part; she performed the role in the magnificent Vasiliev's Anyuta. She also was called to form part of international and important events such as the 47th General Assembly of the International Press Institute, the Charity Gala of the Maris Liepa Foundation and the International Festival for the 50th anniversary of the Cuba National ballet.

She traveled around many countries; everybody recognized her amazing performances on the stage. A selected group of Dancers of the Bolshoi Company made a tour for different important cities in China, in 1998.

Her important repertory includes roles in Giselle, Kitri in Don Quixote, Esmeralda in the famous story of Notre Dame in the beautiful city of Paris, Phrigia in the mythical Spartacus, Aurora in the fantastic story of the Sleeping Beauty and the fascinating role of Zina in The Bright Stream.