Sascha Radetsky

Sascha Radetsky

One of the most notable characteristics about Sascha Radetsky is his physical appearance. He is pretty handsome, tall and quite striking. However, he is very famous around the world for its extraordinary talent and dexterity on the stage when performing some ballet choreography.

He was born in Santa Cruz California on March 29th, 1977. His initiations as a male ballet dancer began in San Francisco Bay area and his passion and dedication opened him other international opportunities.

When he was 15 years old, he received an invitation to form part of the prestigious Russian institution Bolshoi Academy where he learned some basics about professional ballet. However, the next year he decided to study in the excellent Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington.

Few years later, he got a scholarship that let him take some classes at the school of American Ballet. In 1955, the American Ballet Theatre included him into its selected group as an apprentice.

In 1996 he was considered as an important member in the corps. However, his career reached its peak of glory when he performed on the stage as a soloist in 2003. Furthermore, he worked as an actor in several video clips, movies and series of television.

For instance, he collaborated with a video clip of Mandy Moore; he had some roles in a television movie called "Home at last", some roles in the TV series like Midnight Caller and starred a movie called "Center Stage" in 2002.

In 2006, his personal life was consolidated when he got married with his fellow Stella Abrera in his birthplace Santa Cruz in California. On September of 2008 he joined the Dutch National Ballet. His spectacular Repertory includes the head Fakir in the famous La Bayadère, the third movement in the Bruch Violin concerto and the Accordionist in the Bright stream just to mention a few.