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Ballet Interview

Ballet Interview

You did it. You landed that ballet interview you have been trying to get for so long. You have your ballet resume in hand that you wrote with the help of a resume maker and resume builder tools. But do you know everything you need to before setting foot in that interview? There are definitely certain things you should know beforehand and questions you should be able to answer before it is actually time for the interview.

Preparing for Your Ballet Interview and Beyond

The first thing to do to prepare for an interview is to do some research about the company. You should know about their history and accomplishments so you can knowledgably talk about these things during the interview. This will show the interviewer that you are seriously interested in this ballet job and put you above other applicants.

You also will want to think of questions you can ask your interviewer. If you are actively participating in the interview, this will also give a good impression about your interest in the job. Of course, don't forget to prepare to be asked several questions yourself. You can find common interview questions online, and you should practice with someone you trust so when the interview comes you will be comfortable and ready with your answers. You can inform yourself on interview questions webpage and learn a lot with this Complete Interview Guide.

Dress right for the interview. You should dress in a level of dress that matches the job and choose muted colors. Plus, avoid any perfume or cologne as you could offend the interviewer with strong smells.

Always arrive early to the interview. If time allows you should really do a practice run of the drive there so you know for sure you know exactly how to get there and are in no danger of getting lost the day of the interview. Get plenty of sleep the night before and have a copy of your resume with you in case your interviewer wants to look it over with you.

Additional Interview Tips

Some other tips you need to keep in mind for a successful ballet job interview are to calm yourself by taking deep breaths. Smile and remain positive no matter how you feel the interview is going and make sure to bring a pen and notepad for any notes.

Greet your interviewer with a firm handshake and listen carefully to their name and title if you don't already know what they are. Keep eye contact throughout the interview and be friendly but not too casual. Use complete sentences and formal vocabulary. Don't fidget, use slang or chew gum during the interview.

Make sure you answer all questions completely and take a moment to give your answer for more difficult questions. Have organized thoughts and don't ramble, plus remain calm no matter what they ask you about your ballet experience. Be courteous and end the interview by thanking them for their time, plus you can use this time to ask when a decision will be made.

Take notes immediately after the interview of what questions you answered and the name of the interviewer. Keep all of these notes in a file to help you better prepare for the next ballet interview. Send a thank you letter to the interviewer as well as a follow-up to your interview and here you can restate how interested you are in that particular opportunity.

The Second Interview

When you are lucky enough to get the second interview, remember that they are seriously interested in you or they wouldn't have called you in. This could be a much longer ballet interview where you meet with the manager and meet all kinds of other staff. You can ask for an itinerary so you know what to expect before the interview. Ask plenty of questions during the second interview and also use this time to say anything you think you missed saying during the first interview that is important. If you do get a job offer, you don't have to say yes on the spot unless you are absolutely sure this is what you want. If you want time to decide, you can ask the interviewer for such time and when the company needs to make a decision by. Again, send a thank you note as a follow-up.

Salary Talk

When you get the ballet job and you need to negotiate salary, you should already know beforehand the salary range for the particular job. If the employer tries asking you about salary before you receive the job offer, tell them that your salary requirements are based on the position and overall compensation, or you can say that you want to know more about the job and challenges before you discuss the salary of the job. Once you do receive an offer, you again don't have to accept it right away, but keep in mind if it is a job you really need you run the risk of losing the whole job offer as well.