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Ballet Dancers

Ballet Dancers

Working as a professional dancer can be very hard. The career of a dancer starts at an early age with students beginning their education at an early a stage as seven, and you have to consider many other things like the fact that most beginners cannot reach professional level, so you have to add frustration to the pressure of being a dancer.

Once a professional, the dancer has to be committed with the dance and practice. As a side effect of practicing a lot, the dancer is exposed to injures, generally on the feet.

When starting the life of a professional dancer, you are going to face perhaps the most important trial of your career, getting your first job. Most professional dancers beginning are going to try to get a job with unpredictable and sometimes low pay.

How to beginning in Ballet or Theatre performances

If you are a professional dancer and beginning, this is how you are going to start your path as a worker:
  • First, you are going to do a class with the ballet company or theater in which you are interested on being hired. The class is an audition where the director of the ballet company analyzes your performance, and then decides if you are good enough for the ballet company.
  • If the director of the ballet approves your test then you have good chances of being hired.
  • The contract that you are going to sign is generally for a period of time, generally a certain number of weeks, including some other benefits (that depend on the company). For example a good contract is of about 30 weeks. If the dancer comes from another country, the ballet company will arrange all the needed paperwork for him to work legally.
  • As the dancer gets better, they can be promoted. The next position in line is the soloist, performing solo roles in the play (which involves a higher pay).
  • The next promotion that you can get is to dance as a Principal, which means that you are going to perform leading roles for example being Don Quixote in Don Quixote.
Ballet and theatre performances have been a popular choice of outing for some time. Although they are two different types of performances and styles of entertainment and art, they do have their similarities and therefore the two have a close relationship. Both of these art forms use the imagination of the audience along with the imagination of the performers to create and tell a story. They both also strive to draw the audience in and make them feel a personal relationship with the performers during the performance. Also, a company usually has a home theatre where it does most of its performances, but many also travel and tour to put on shows for other parts of the country or even the world.

Knowing How to Properly Compose Your Ballet or Theatre Resume

If you have been trained in ballet or theatre and are interested in a ballet or theatre career, you can find online examples of a theatre resume template to help you show how to make your resume. Here you can see exactly how to set up your resume so that it displays your experience and presents you in a way that is attractive to potential employers.

Finding a ballet job can be tough, so don't make it more difficult on yourself by not knowing how to write up a good resume. You will find that people will generally tell you not to use a resume template, however most people do because it makes it quick and easy to write your resume and lets you focus on what is important for a ballet job. Use a theatre resume template resourcefully so you can still stand out from the rest.

You don't have to use the exact format the template gives you just because it's there. You can change things around like fonts, adding a border or taking away section dividers. Make the resume template your own.

Choosing a great resume templates for ballet and theatre jobs

In this page you can also create your own ballet theatre resume by looking at examples of a theatre resume template ( You can cut and paste certain aspects of the template or templates you like and put them into a new document. Just make sure in the end, everything flows together with the same font and size throughout the whole resume.

Try and find a template that you don't see being used a lot, in this way keeping your ballet theatre resume unique.

No matter what way you choose to use a resume template, they are a great tool to help you make a great resume that can land you the ballet theatre job you have been dreaming of. This field is exciting and rewarding, you've put a lot of hours and hard work to get your training and skills, put that much effort into writing your resume as well and you will be well on your way to obtaining that job.

Ballet Auditions
 Ballet Auditions
Ballet auditions are job interviews in which a dancer has to show its skills in ballet dance to be part of ballet company. Here find important tips to be prepared for auditions.