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Ballet Auditions

Ballet Auditions

For auditions, there are some things that you have to consider:
  • Remember that auditions are not the same as ballet classes; auditions are job interviews so do not expect the choreographer to treat you like a teacher. The choreographer will say just one time what he needs and you have to keep yourself focused.

  • Be ready.It is important that you think two or three steps ahead. Contact the manager of the auditions in order to know if you are taking with you the correct equipment. For example, be sure that the shoes you are going to take are the required ones, or if there is any special routine required in advance.

  • Dressing properly, it is important to find out what kind of clothes are required for the audition, because many companies have a special dressing code for rehearsals and for auditions.

  • The first impression is important, so it is important that you look clean and neat.

  • Be early. It is not easy to dance in enemy territory, arriving 30 minutes early will give you the time to appreciate the studio and notice the changes in the audition room. It will make things easy for you.

  • Do not forget to warm up; some choreographers do not lead a warm up before the audition so it is important for you do some stretching on your own.

  • A nice smile is always welcomed.

  • Be polite and at the end of your presentation, thank the people watching you.
Here's a list of the most important ballet conservatories in the world:
  • Moscow State Academy of Choreography (Bolshoi)
    Moscow- Russia

  • Royal Ballet School
    London- The UK.

  • Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet
    St. Petersburg- Russia

  • Paris Opera Ballet

  • The Julliard School
    New York - The USA.