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Dance instructor

Dance instructor

Dance instructor is an expert person in certain dance style or rhythm that has good aptitudes to teach. It's for sure that once in your lifetime, you've heard the words: one, two, three four... or five, six, seven, eight... and so on, in a kind of rhythmic counting, that's a little piece of what a dancer instructors usually say when teaching; they can teach everyone from novice, amateur, adults and usually they specialize in a particular area of dance such as ballet, jazz, modern dance, hip-hop and whether rhythm you can imagine.

Usually instructors are retired dancers or people that love to dance and are willing to dedicate their life doing what they love.

Becoming a ballet teacher takes many years of training and of ballet classes to learn the technique of the ballet world and then become a great and successful teacher.

There are several kinds of teachers, those that worked for ballet companies, those that learned in a school and are professionals and other that love the ballet and have the talent for that, whatever is your situation, being a professional dancer won't mean that you'll be a successful ballet teacher, the following are some of the characteristics that a successful teacher should have:

Dance Instructor Job Skills

A good Dance instructor must be self-disciplined and have a good health, strong muscles and most of all he/she must have confidence in his/her abilities as dancer and teacher. Like every teacher, a dancer instructor must be sensitive and a good communicator, with the aim of share his/her love of dancing with others, and make increase that feeling in them too.

You must remember that Dance Instructors generally must have dancing experience of training in several techniques and some institutions require a complete master's degree to the aspirant to instructor.

However, Ballet Dance instructors requires, apart from their dance skills: understand years of dance classes and the adequate dance training for each year, knowledge of anatomy and love children and love the ballet.

Of course, it’s important to be as accurate as possible when listing your skills so that you don't misrepresent your abilities. You should tailor your list of resume skills to fit the job-related duties the company you’re applying to is looking for.

Dancer instructor Workplaces

Dancer instructors find work easily and if they're versatile they will find a good job in a variety of places such as: Ballet Dance Schools, in that case the difficult to join a Dance School depends on its prestigious; other options are companies, or in private lessons.

Some Education institutions such as: Universities, colleges or public schools hire Ballet instructors.

There are also gymnasiums and community centers that hire Dance instructors for lessons in weekends.

Qualified dance instructors are integral to any performing arts degree

Arts refines the artistic side of the student's personality. The art teacher's teaching responsibilities include, teaching about the basic principles of art and its history, grade artwork, supervise students, create creativity and teach different techniques. It is an interesting field and very challenging at the same time. To become an art teacher you need a four-year bachelor degree in arts or fine arts. Professional artists can also become art teacher, but they require one year diploma in teaching. This teaching diploma includes subjects such as teaching techniques and child psychology. The art teacher refines the artistic skills of the student. Guide them and train them in art techniques. Art teacher is expected to be very creative. Not only teach, they have to demonstrate to the students the different methods and procedures. It is a demanding job, but rewarding as well. In this search-jobs website you can find a lot of Art Teacher Jobs.

The importance of Dance Instructors in Academic Art Teaching

Dance, an art form, is considered the expression of the body. It existed in all times and developed in all the regions of the of the world. Every part of the world offers a different and unique dancing style. Dance instructors also play an important role in today academic structure. Dance instructors are expected to be experts in one or a combination of dance forms, for example ballet or Indian classical. The teaching responsibilities include teaching of different dance forms, different methods and techniques and grade the students.

Dance Instructor responsibilities

Dance instructors organize and manage rehearsals and develop team spirit in the pupils. The responsibility also includes guiding and conducting stretching and strengthening exercises. The environment of the dance class is very vital. It all depends on the dance instructors. The class should have the atmosphere of positive competition, team play should be made a norm, improvisation should be appreciated and the students should be guided to think out of the box. All music forms and dance forms should be explored. The pupils should be guided about the abstract expression and interpretation.

Dance Instructor Aspirations

Being a dance instructors is like teaching any other curriculum. It holds a great responsibility. Like any other subject you can be a good Dance instructor if you have the passion to teach. If the idea of sharing your knowledge inspires you, then you can become a good dance instructor. If you can dance well, you have the command on the theory as well as different methods and forms of dancing, if you are a good team player and love to improvise, only then you can teach the same to your students.