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Ballet Job Opportunities

Ballet Job Opportunities

Ballet job dancers start their careers at an early age, generally at seven years old. Only the really dedicated and perseverant pass through the training process, despite the several rehearsals and injures that they may suffer.

Most ballet dancers get their first job opportunity at the age of 17 or 18, so they start working at that age. Working as a professional ballet dancers one of the first opportunities where a young dancer access the Art Jobs, since ballet dancers do not have not much chances besides those.

Some of the jobs that the dancers may apply for are listed and described here, most of them require a professional degree and some just require experience.
  • If you are a ballet dancer you can try to work as a professional, most of the dancers start this way. There are companies that hire professional dancers calling for an audition where dancers perform a piece. If they like what they see, they will call back to hire the dancer.

    The pay is usually low and under a contract (generally of 30 weeks, and varies according to the company), some companies also arrange dancers immigrations papers if needed for working. Once contacted you can get promoted as a "soloist" (where dancers perform solos) which means a raise on incomes. After the "soloist", main roles or "Principal" represent another raise as well.

    Becoming a guest artist invited to other companies for particular plays is also an option to increment the salary of dancers.

  • Working as a choreographer is mainly for dancers that are retired or with lot of experience, it requires people that have a full understanding of dance style. Certain dance conservatories offer choreographer courses.

    Most of the choreographers work on plays and they are asked to present a college degree when applying for this job, it is necessary that you build a strong art résumé.

  • There is also the teaching area where you can try to jump in. Most places ask for a College Degree as well.