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Ballet salary

Ballet salary

Ballet salary depends on different factors, in this section we are going to give some advice about prices and factors that determine the salary of a professional Ballet instructor.

Firstly, you must consider your preparation and aptitudes for teaching; generally, companies will ask for people graduated from a Ballet School or having a master degree, expert in the dance and people full of patience and love for the dance and the vocation of teaching among other recommendations.

Salaries also depend on the region and the job type:
  • Part- Time: Generally this kind of job is for teaching small children and during weekends or specific days.

  • Temporary: Companies look for dance instructors only for certain season.

  • Full-Time: generally people that is preparing for being a professional dancer look for teacher of full time, companies also look for that kind of teachers
According to experience:
  • Beginner instructors can expect a salary that ranges from $15 to $25 per hour. That represents a salary of $20 400 to $ 35 000 per year.

  • If you're an expert your salary can increase even to $50 per hour or more. That generally can reach an annual salary of $40 000a and more.
A classical ballet instructor Salary, according to SalaryQuest, has an average of $21 800 and the maximum offered till 2011 is $42 000 and in the case of a very recognized ballet instructor he/she can make even $83 000 (according to US Department of Labor)

As in every other job, salary will improve according to the years of experience and teachers preparation.

However, you can find all varieties of performing arts in a salary calculator website. Making a salary comparison can provide you an idea about the quantity of money you can earn in the employment market according to your career.