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Ballet Barre

Ballet Barre

Ballet is one of the most artistic performance dances that require a good environment and wide spaces to practice and develop the dance techniques properly. The ideal place to practice the most difficult steps of ballet is called a studio.

Inside there, the students can find several useful items that are going to help dancers during their classes. For example. we can mention the mirror and the barre.

Teachers encourage beginners to start practicing at the barre because this magnificent tool is the foundation for almost all the amazing steps such as pirouettes, jumps, plies and much more. In fact, every ballet lesson starts with this wooden support that is strategically situated on the walls of the dance studio.

Students necessarily have to work with the barre because it helps them to have balance and equilibrium while performing difficult steps. A good recommendation for students is resting the hands smoothly at the barre and try to keep the elbows comfortable and relaxed to get positive results.

Some of the most important exercises that students can do at the barre are Battement Tendue, degage, Frappé, Eleve, and Rond de Jambe.

Each exercise has a specific function for the dance. Whether these exercises help to improve a specific movement or to strengthen a muscle, it is compulsory to practice them properly. The barre is, without a doubt, the most useful item that students are going to use during their entire life.