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Ballet classes

Ballet classes

Choosing the adequate ballet class for your lessons is just as important as the lesson itself. Make sure that the studio or school you choose has the appropriate type of floor since this will be crucial during the ballet education.

Ballet dancers take a lot of pressure on the back and joints. A well-designed floor not only reduces injury risks but also improves performance.

The best type of floor is a professional floating floor, which is a dance floor cushioned on wood-stringers and covered in a vinyl surface especially designed for dance.This type of floor allows students to dance for a longer period of time without exhaustion. They rest on high-density lairs of foam that absorb the shock of jumps.

On the other hand, Ballet Classes should be taught by professional and licensed instructors and be structured as follows:
  • Slow warm-up or stretch exercises in the bar:
    • Plié
    • Tendu
    • Dégagé
    • Ronde de jambe
    • Grand battement
    • Bare stretches

  • Move to the center floor for slow flowing movement combinations likeadagio

  • Follow with:
    • Turns (pirouettes)
    • Petite allegros
    • Small jumping positions
    • Grand allegros across the floor

  • Always finish with a final bow
Important tips for your ballet class:
  • Never hold on to the bar, the correct position is putting your hand over it resting only your fingers on top.

  • Always include balance exercises on your routine and practice them at home during your free time.