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Ballet for Beginners

Ballet for Beginners

Whether you are an adult who wants to enroll in Ballet or you wish to know your options before enrolling your child in this activity there are a few things you should be aware as a Ballet beginner:
  • Make sure you are aware of the history of Ballet. It will make your immersion into the performance and the steps you need to learn easier.

  • Think about the commitment that you are willing to put into this activity so you can choose the class that better suits your physical, financial and emotional needs.

  • There are many techniques and methods of Ballet, think about the one you wish to take and where you can take it.

  • Look for a licensed ballet instructor to avoid injuries.

  • Acquire the necessary wardrobe and gear; some studios keep a dress code. Ballet slippers, leotards and tights are a must, but you can sometimes wear sweatpants over the tights or get leg warmers and ballet sweaters. You should consider bringing extra slippers for future classes.

  • Most studios start their enrollment period at the beginning of school year. Find out what kind of classes they provide, if their ballet classes are hip-hop focused or ballroom focused, or if the ballet classes they have launched are permanent or temporary.

  • Like in any other dance class, you must hydrate before and after classes. In ballet water is recommended above other hydration drinks. You can also bring snacks like a granola bar for after class.

  • Keep the hair out of the way and take extra pins and rubber bands in case you need them during classes. Buns are highly recommended.