Ballet lessons online

Ballet lessons online

You can even take ballet lessons online. Just make sure you are aware of the different methods and techniques out there, as well as the risks of Ballet and how to prevent them; you will be ready to start with the countless home ballet exercises polluting the net.

Here are some of the basic lessons you will be looking for:
  • The five positions of Ballet

  • The seven movements of dance used in all of the steps:
    • Plier - to bend
    • Étendre - to stretch
    • Relever - to rise
    • Sauter - to jump
    • Tourner - to turn
    • Gliser - To glide
    • Élancer - to dart

  • The eight positions of the body:
    • Croisédevant - crossed in front
    • Fourth Devant - facing
    • Écarté - separated
    • Éffacé - open
    • à la Second - facing (from the second position)
    • Épaulé - shouldered
    • Fourth derrière - behind
    • Croisé derrière - crossed behind
Online lessons offer you the knowledge that can help you advance more quickly when you take attending Ballet classes at the same time, and offer a cheaper option to the U$D15 to U$D18 per class of attending lessons.

Besides, online lessons give you the basic facts of Ballet and how the body works, from the history of Ballet to the most renowned techniques and methods, and from the health risks of practicing this art form to how to avoid them.