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Ballet Technique

Ballet Technique

The principal techniques of classical ballet have been evolving during the last centuries. Plenty of different methods have emerged to improve the physical appearance and aesthetics of the dancers.

However, the classical ballet puts more attention in the style of the movement. The techniques are basically the initial principles of Ballet and include the posture, the flexibility, pulling up and pointing the toe. During the learning process, teachers emphasize techniques because they are the key to perfection.

In fact, a good technique helps the dancer to keep the shoulders, head and hips to be aligned vertically during the performance. As a result, we can see the finest and the most synchronized presentation on the stage.

Ballet has several training programs and techniques that beginners can follow to become professional dancers. Without a doubt, there are three principal techniques that students have to learn properly. We are talking about the Royal Academy of Dance, the Cecchetti and Russian Vaganova programs.

The Russian Vaganova techniques are the legacy of Agrippina Vaganova who was the brilliant artistic Director of The prestigious Kirov Ballet for several years. In this technique, the hands form important part of the movements and in contrast with the Ceccetti method; both hands don't flow imperceptibly from one side to another.

That is why that the majority of dancers are flapping their hands all the time during a presentation.

As the same in the Vaganova technique, the Cecchetti technique was created by a brilliant mind called Enrico Cecchetti. This technique includes a complete syllabus with complicated themes extremely designed for professional dancers.

The Royal Academy of Dance is a prestigious academy that was founded in the year of 1920 by the initiative of a select group of ballet teachers. This magnificent academy has a singular technique that attracts more than 190,000 students nowadays.

Each technique has a different name for the same step. For example, the arm position is called as "Fifth en Bas" in Cecchetti, as "Bras Bras" in the Royal Academy of Dance and as "Preparatory" in Vaganova.

En Pointe
 En Pointe
Ballet includes a set of different techniques such as En Pointe; this technique provides an illusion of weightless and sylph-like of the dancer.