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En Pointe

En Pointe

Ballet is one of the most spectacular and magnificent representations of the classical art. It was founded in Italy but it was developed in France. Nowadays, the ballet has been consolidated as an important cultural expression of all times.

There are several elements in ballet that converts the dance into a hard discipline that is beautiful at the same time. As an example we can mention the technique called "en Pointe".

En Pointe literally means on the tip and it is basically a Ballet technique that is practiced by using unusual shoes called Pointe shoes. Plenty of girls and boys who are interested in dancing ballet know that this technique is one of the most difficult and hardest of Ballet. It requires a strong preparation, a full dedication and a lot of exercise for years until dominate this technique.

This technique was actually created and perfected throughout the centuries in order to provide an illusion of weightless and sylph-like of the dancer on the stage. Even though both men and women can execute this ballet technique, it is more aesthetic and usual to see the technique in women's performances.

The shoes are an important element in the execution of this technique. Each student needs the popular shoes called Pointe shoes. This amazing invention for ballerinas appeared in 1726 thanks to Maria Camargo who changed the heavy high heels for the comfortable flat slippers.

These shoes were pretty convenient for ballet dancers because of their comfortable features. In 1832 Marie Taglioni was the first dancer who danced on Pointe, on her first principal role in La Sylphide. She wore special slippers with satin and darning stitches for this occasion.

It is strongly recommended not to practice the technique En Pointe before the age of 12 because it produces severe foot deformities. The majority of ballet academies in the world include some physicians to supervise this issue. The students have to be enough ossified to start practicing this technique.