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Ballet Stretches

Ballet Stretches

Plenty of people who love attending some important ballet shows can agree that the most fascinating and amazing part of the presentations are the stretching part. In fact, professional dancers love to stretch.

This is quite normal in ballet dance where the bodies are the principal instrument to represent a beautiful history through pirouettes, jumps, turnouts and delicate movements.

In addition, the stretching is an elemental part during the training process of the dancers because it prepares them by elongating the muscles and providing flexibility to the body. In addition, the stretching part is crucial in the life of the dancers because they receive other important benefits from this exercise.

Stretching can be very beneficial to the health of the dancers because they would have less probability of suffering long term muscle strains. Dancers love to stretch their hamstrings, quads and glutes. But before they cab stretch them, they have to warm up for a few hours. Furthermore, stretching is a method that shouldn't be pushed or forced.

Even though stretching exercises seem easy and fast to learn, they are quite complicated and they require hours and years of training. The two important elements to become an expert in ballet stretching are patience and perseverance.

It is strongly recommended to practice stretching for almost 25 seconds and then release for a while. During the exercise it is very important to hold a natural breathing.