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What is ballet?

What is ballet?

What is ballet? Ballet is a form of dance. Ballet emphasizes the dancer's intention of conquering the forces of nature (figuratively speaking.) This is shown when ballet dancers exhibit their ability to overcome weight in the leaps, in the light floating motion of their toes or their ability to maintain balance with ease and grace, as in an arabesque. In general words.

Ballet is a form of theatrical movements that traditionally combines the arts of dance, music, drama and set design.

Ballet is the most academic form of theatrical dance, and the most difficult to learn and perform. Ballet is quite different from any other type of dance.

Ballet is characterized by the elegance and skill of the dancers who perform incredibly difficult actions, yet they make them look smooth and graceful. Many people consider that ballet is a revealing art: movement, unlike words, cannot lie.

Ballet is usually a way of telling a story by using music and dance instead of words. It consists of movement patterns that have been developed over the centuries.

Classical ballet uses traditional techniques although a lot of ballet dancers have introduced modern movement to develop the beauty of this dance. Ballet is a living art that has changed and evolved over the years.

Ballet originated in the courts of Italy and France during the Renaissance. It became a professional discipline by the late 17th century. Since that time, even though its styles and techniques continue to evolve, it has remained as major arts form of the Western culture. Ballet has a long history as well as several definitions, but nobody can deny that ballet is one of the most wonderful arts.