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  1. What is ballet?

    Ballet is a kind of performance dance, it originated in Italy and later it was developed as a form of concert dance in Russia and France. The Ballet has unique techniques and has developed its own vocabulary. It is generally performed with classical music, and has influenced many kinds of dances in the world.

  2. Why do people must take formal ballet education?

    Ballet must be taught in a formal way in order to:
    • Allow children to have the opportunity to learn something new.
    • The new ballet dancer will learn how to expresses herself/himself properly.
    • The new dancer will also learn self-confidence, because by practicing different postures he/she will not be scared.
    • The new dancer becomes physically fit, when practicing other sports children will learn how to avoid injures.
    • Children will learn how to behave socially, because ballet is a team art.
    • Children will also learn to set goals in his/her life.

  3. Famous ballet companies

    1. The Bolshoi ballet (Russia,Moscow)
    2. The Mariinsky ballet (Russia, St. Petersburg)
    3. The Tchaikovsky perm ballet (Russia,Perm)
    4. The Royal Ballet(England, London)
    5. New York City ballet (America)
    6. Het National Ballet (Netherlands)
    7. Cork city ballet(Ireland)
    8. Ballet de Cuba(Cuba)
    9. Ballet Ireland(Ireland)
    10. Irish youth Russian Ballet(Ireland)

  4. Ballet salary

    Depending on the contract and the company it may vary:

    The average salary of a ballet dancer per houris:U$D9.00.
    Dancers who work for a company may gain around:U$D15.00

  5. Which are the most popular masterpieces of Ballet?

    1. Cinderella
    2. Coppélia
    3. Don Quixote
    4. Giselle
    5. La Bayadère
    6. La Sylphide
    7. The Nutcracker
    8. Romeo and Juliet
    9. Sleeping Beauty
    10. Swan lake.