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Ballet Costumes

Ballet Costumes

Ballet is considered in the artistic world as a formal dance that was created in Italy and developed in France. This dance is characterized for its elegant and graceful movements. In fact, Ballet is a disciplined type of dance that requires an especial costume.

The basic costumes that professional dancers use are: leotard, ballet shoes and French Tutu. Nevertheless, depending on the theme of the play, the costume can vary in colors, styles, designs and accessories.

There are a large number of different costumes for ballet that improve the stylish and graceful shape of a professional ballerina during a performance on the stage.

Choosing the correct costume is a must for dancers because a perfect outfit can produce a visual interest and a focused attention from the public. In fact, the costume may be crafted in a way that it adapts to the body of the dancers and frame their movements with style and grace.

The correct outfit for women is a conventional leotard and a pair of simple tights. Fortunately, people can find leotards easily in different styles and colors. Nonetheless, dancers have to bear in mind that they have to select a leotard that is made of natural fabrics in order to let the body breathe. That is why experts strongly recommend dancers to wear comfortable cotton leotards.

Although there are many stores that sell leotards made of nylon and shiny fabrics, the dancers can look a little bit tacky if they use these kinds of outfits. Men can use simple shorts with t-shirts or conventional leotards and tights. In addition, they can wear tight sweat pants. The majority of male professional dancers commonly wear dance belts during their performance.

The French Tutu is also an aesthetic piece in the ballet clothing. This important element of the ballerina costume was created in the 16th century approximately and since then, it has been evolving through time.

We can mention many different tutus used by principal roles in several ballet spectacles such as The Swan Lake, The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty, The Sugarplum Fairy and Giselle. Important designers such as Barbara Karinska have designed a new line of tutus that provide extraordinary visual effects and still let spectators admire ballet performances.