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Dance belt

Dance belt

A dance belt is a ballet-style athletic support girdle for men. Nobody likes wearing one, but it's a must for male dancers.

A dance belt is worn under the tights to hold the genitals firmly in place and to help prevent ruptures. The one-piecedance belt, about the same size as jockey shorts, gives more support than athletic ordinarily supporters, worn under gym clothes. Most ballet dancers use dance belts for visual considerations.

Dance belts were designed to protect male dancer because of the complicated moves that a ballet dancer must perform. If they don't use a dance belt, they could injure their genitalia.

A dance belt is similar to a thong undergarment, although it has a wider waist belt. The colors of dance belts are normally beige or dark brown. Male dancers should choose a color fitting to their skin tone; they canbe found in white and black as well.

A dance belt is often comfortable to wear when one buys the proper size, soit is advisable to try on the dance belt before you buy one.It will help you discover the most comfortable dance belt for you.

If you don't feel good with a dance belt, you won't be able to dance ballet properly. Ballet dancer prefer to wear dance belts with a thong-back design. These dance belts are less aesthetical though.

Professional ballet dancers and students must use a dance belt for protection, since it also helps them with their alignment and balance on stage. A dance belt is an important part of costumes for male dancers. Each male dancer must wear a belt dance when he or she trains or performs ballet moves.